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7 Chemistry Discoveries That Shaped the World
Majority of the people underestimate chemistry. They think that other sciences like biology and physics have discovered more things. Read more info here to see how chemistry changed the world. Chemistry has brought many life-changing discoveries. You should learn more info here and see the seven chemistry discoveries that brought a change to the world. Without chemistry, this could not have been discovered.

Penicillin was discovered through an accident. Mold was discovered in Petri dishes and the scientist found that it could restrain bacteria growth. Later, he found that the penicillin mold was safe. The mold was changed into medicine ten years later. They tried a way to purify penicillin from mold to make it safe. Penicillin later became the first antibiotic to be discovered. It saved many worriers from infections, and it still does up to date. This medicine is used in many parts of the world to heal people.

Discovery of polythene bag also happened accidentally. A scientist discovered a waxy substance in his test tube while working on an experiment. He named the substance polyethylene. Another group of scientist discovered the same substance while working on high-pressure reaction. This group was able to produce it in large scale. There are many ways through which polythene bags have helped change the world. Learn more info here to see the benefits of polythene bag.
The Haber-Bosch process helped create ammonia which is very important to the world. Fertilizers are made using ammonia. This has helped many farmers produce more food. People cannot survive without food. This process has helped sustain life. Silicon Nitride coating was also discovered. It provides coating that helps protect many objects. Its used in car manufacturing and also in some tools. Silicon nitride coating is used in different parts of the world. It has played a role in improving peoples life.

Pasteurization is another essential discovery made in science. A scientist discovered a way to keep beverages for long. Pasteurization delays the spoilage caused by microbes. In this case, more info here is provided on preserving beverages. The development of 5CB has helped the technology. It was used in watches and computers at a high temperature. Its foundation made many phones and computers to be created. The world has changed in a great way through discovery of taxol. A research team created taxol that is used in the chemotherapy drug.

The scientific field is amazing. It’s through these discoveries that the world changed. These discoveries have lead to the development of the world. Many people can now survive after an infection. Medicine discoveries and food preservation has helped keep people safe. These fantastic discoveries are very helpful to the world. Learn more info here to see the advantages of all these discoveries.

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